HawkMail Guide for Students


This document is an abbreviated version designed for students. If you'd like to read the more comprehensive version, you can view it here: http://uhaweb.hartford.edu/www/howtos/hawkmail.


The University is replacing its email system with Microsoft Exchange, a leading enterprise email system. We have dubbed the new email system "HawkMail."


Why we are upgrading to the new system


Switching to the new system

How you make the switch to the new system depends on if and how you currently access University of Hartford email. This document describes how to move your account to the new system.

In general, one of the following scenarios likely fits you:

Why you should move now:

To get started, see Getting Started below.

To get started, see Getting Started below.

Why you should move now:

To get started, see Getting Started below.

Not sure where your account is?

Are you not sure if your account is on the old system or the new one? You can click here to find out. Search for your email name, and the directory will tell you whether your account is already on the new system, or if you need to move it.

Email account location directory

How to access the new system

You can use most "free" email clients, like Windows Live Mail on PCs, and Apple Mail on Macs -- (or, if you have Microsoft Outlook 2007 or Microsoft Outlook 2010, you can use it). Links to step-by-step instructions for configuring popular email programs and mobile devices are at the end of this document.

On the web: The new system has a new web interface that can be accessed from most web browsers. The new system's web interface is at https://HawkMail.hartford.edu. It provides most of the features and functionality of Microsoft Outlook, including the calendar feature, and the ability to set forwarding on your email to another account. If you've been using the old system's "WebMail" webpage to access your University of Hartford email account, you will now use the new system's "HawkMail" webpage to access it.


Getting Started

  1. Check the Email account location directory to verify that your account is on the old system and needs to be moved

    The directory will indicate one of the following:

  2. Decide what you will do with contacts in your addressbook, if any:

  3. Freeing your email account for the move:

  4. Initiate the account mover process using the Mail Mover web site:

  5. Access your new account:

The settings you need for your email program or mobile device

Username (most email clients) Your email name, without the "@hartford.edu" part, example: jdoe
ActiveSync Username (for mobile devices
that support Exchange/ActiveSync)
Your full email address, example: jdoe@hartford.edu
ActiveSync Server (for mobile devices
that support Exchange/ActiveSync)
IMAP server hawkmail.hartford.edu
POP server hawkmail.hartford.edu
SMTP server hawkmail.hartford.edu on port 25 (works for ON CAMPUS computers only)

smtp.hartford.edu on port 587 (works from on campus and off -- ideal for laptops and mobile devices, but limits the number of messages sent per day, is scanned for spam, and requires authentication)

- or -

use your own Internet Service Provider's SMTP server if using a computer off campus

Access your account via the web https://hawkmail.hartford.edu


Step-by-step configuration instructions
for popular email programs and mobile devices

Forwarding email to a different account

Automatic Reply ("Vacation message")

Need help

Call or drop by the Computer Support Center:

Computer Center Room CC113 (weekdays)
Mortensen Library Computer Lab (weekends)

University of Hartford
Information Technology Services