Automatic Replies

Automatic replies can be sent to alert people that you are temporarily away. Note, however, that many anti-spam organization classify auto-replies as "spam" (due to the fact that they can be easily misdirected as responses to spam, and therefore can amount to unsolicted email in and of itself).

Use auto-replies sparingly.

Log into your HawkMail account via the web at

Click "Options" in the upper right corner of the web page, and then click "Set Automatic Replies...."
Under "Automatic Replies":
  • Select "Send automatic replies
  • Optionally: Set a date range to automatically start and stop autoresponses
  • Type an auto-reply message for messages received from within the University
  • Type an auto-reply message for messages received from outside the University

Click "Save."

You can now sign out of HawkMail, or click "Mail" in the upper left corner of the page to return to email.
NOTE: To manually discontinue auto-reply, return to this screen and select "Don't send automatic replies, and then click "Save" at the bottom of the webpage.
Suggested: Send yourself a test message to ensure that you receive an automatic response (if you activated auto-reply now).

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