Clues for Cloud Finder
Combing the sky for cloud clues isn’t an easy task. Click here to take a look at your Top Secret Cloud Finder. Follow the directions on the page to create your very own Cloud Finder. This item will be important to you and your team when you are working on the Cloud Chart. Before going outside to spy the skies take a look at the descriptions of each cloud on the finder. This information will be helpful and necessary to identify the clouds that you see and may give you important clues as to what type of weather may be coming. In addition to reading the information on the cloud finder, don’t forget to consult the intelligence that you found out about clouds at

Cloud Site 1

Cloud Site 2

Cloud Site 3

Cloud Site 4

Cloud Site 5

All right! You have been briefed on the different cloud types and the weather that comes with them. Now you are ready to get some clues on the clouds. Click on the bulletin board to move onto your mission directions and to acquire your Cloud Chart.